Friday, August 26, 2011

Frustrated with the Mess Public

     I live in a Southern town with a huge military complex.  So don't think Southern hospitality.  Think transient, fast-food, chains, payday frenzy, and fatigues.

For the most part, it's futile to expect hospitality when being served.  After most shopping trips, I slink home disgusted with how I've been treated and determined to fling myself on any on-line website that I can count on.

Lest I continue to just rant away, I'm struggling to be positive.  I was driving to work today in silence because evidently, I can't have a new battery along with 1) windows that raise up electronically, 2) a radio, 3) a cassette player, and 4) I'm afraid to know what else doesn't work.  In order to stop thinking about how dealing with the mess public pisses me off, I began enumerating positive experiences.  I award the folks at these places (listed in no relevant order) my first annual Hospitality Morality Award.

1. Nathan's Auto Repair (OK, this is first on my list because they're The Best.)
2. Aldis on Ramsey Street
3. Big Lots on Ramsey Street
4. Fern Creek Cardiology
5.  Carolina Growers (my CSA)
6. Max and Moritz (German restaurant)
7. Carolina Imaging (Hey, if you can make mammograms and MRIs a pleasant experience, you're golden.)
8. Dr. Nolan and Dr. Parfitt (Find a urologist who's premo, and you're set.)
9. Breathing Space (Ask for Carol Fields.)
10. Starla, my hairstylist, at Jabot (always a great cut and color...and together, we're 2 dynamo women)
11. Ken Lewis, my dentist for many years and personal flossing trainer

Got any nominations?  Send them on.  I'll consider them.

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"One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well." - from A Room of One's Own by Virginia Woolf